At Foundation of the Americas we are a group of social visionaries and innovators developing a portfolio of high impact initiatives in support of effective and sustainable philanthropic solutions. Our goal is to mobilize partners and resources in an alliance which addresses the challenging and expanding need for transnational giving. The globalization of philanthropy requires a unique platform incorporating leading edge long-term solutions in order to enable transnational giving with compelling, actionable and rewarding results. The Foundation, organized as a creative “think tank”, seeks to originate new products, inventions and solutions that¬†ignite prosperity and peace within the present realistic global ecosystem scenario.

Philanthropic Success

Philanthropic Goals ?
  • Influence national and international polices
  • Project a world vision of understanding and tolerance
  • Care for humankind while increasing dignity


Areas of Giving ?

Arts, Ecosystem, Education, Humanity, Innovation, Science and Research.

Do you have an affiliate program?
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Global Reach


Capacity Building